Sunday, December 9, 2012

Venice day 3

Today it seemed like we did a lot even though when you write it down it does not seem like much. We went to a museum called Fortuny is was supposed to have lots of fabric but we only saw a very scary red room that looked like a painting but when you tried to touch it you found out it wasn't a painting but a hole in to a red room. It was scary.

Then we took the trachetto across the river. The trachetto looked like a retired gondola and when you got into it you had to face the riverbank. Then the two people rowing the boat would turn the boat around and row to the other side of the canal. It was weird standing up in a boat because it had been drilled into me to not stand up in a boat.

Then when we got to the other side of the river dad went to an art galley while me, coco and mum went to go ice skating. When we got to the ice skating rink it said it was closed until 3 so we walked around and found an exhibition on the Italian postal service and it was surprisingly interesting. There we some no-touch screen which worked like a touch screen but you could have your hand a few centimetres away it would still work.

Then coco went ice skating then we went home.

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