Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shanghai day 2

I woke up to find food for breakfast out. Mum had woken up early and got some pancake pizza things, dumplings and fruit. Then we started walking to people's square where the Museum of contemporary art was located.

In the park there was a marriage market where parents or grandparents tried to find a partners for them.

And some cool balloons

We also found a playground for children

We found a pretty pond.

Inside the museum there was a exhibition on Marimekko from finland.

We went to the urban planning centre on the edge of the sam park and saw a massive model of shanghai.

After that we caught the train to the old French concession, which seemed like a fancy part of town. We passed a bakery that sold "germ tea".

We caught a train home, tired and with sore feet from all the walking and had food from street venders for dinner.

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