Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paris day 1

We went to the Notre dame and ate pasteurise in front of the church.

Then we walk to Pompidou centre and pasted a merry-go-round on the way and went for lunch.

Then for dinner we went to a friend from New Zealand's place. She manged to cook a lovely dinner in such a small kitchen. I don't know how she did it

St. Gallen

We stayed with Andreas & Yolander for two nights. We woke up in a nice smelling room at a time which we considered late. Then when me and coco went downstairs we found a yummy breakfast out on the table made for us by the lovely people we were staying with, all ready for us to eat.

Then we ventured outside.

And went to an old library (which we could not take photos of) and two churches. One Catholic.

And one Protestant.

Then we buried coco in the snow.

And made a snowman.

Then we had a lunch of yummy pumpkin soup and salad, and toated chestnuts that tasted like kumara but nuttier. We went out for another walk and went to Andreas and Yolanda's garden allotment by frozen lakes and they were covered in snow.

We walked to the top of the hill and there was a great view from there.

Andreas & Yolander made us a yummy Swiss dinner of rosti (potato) calf (veal) and then two types of ice cream with berries and heart shaped biscuits. We were very lucky.

Basel day 2

This was our last full day in Basel. We woke up slowly and there was still snow on the building across the road. we caught the tram to the other train station, waited for 1/2 an hour in the cold for the bus to take us to the vitra museum. it was just a short ride but when we hopped off we were in germany. The vitra museum we found to be a bit underwhelming but it was nice to go there to see the furniture and buy things in the shop. I got an orange cup for christmas. We got an architectural tour from an old German lady.

We went back to Switzerland and caught the train to st gallen.

The St. Gallin was filled with fluffy light snow.

Basel day 1

There was still snow in Basel went we got first there. So the first thing we did when we got up in the morning was to go to the park up the road, to play into snow. Then we caught the tram to the town hall and to the main shopping street. Then we spend the day shopping, eating at a lovely cafe, walking around the Christmas market and watching the river.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Venice day 4

Today is our last full day in Venice. We went to the Jewish ghetto a tiny island of houses. Then we went and got a three course lunch a local restaurant.

We walked to the park after that. It was weird to be in such an open space after being in such small spaces for the last 4 days.

Then we go the vaporetto (ferry) to St. Mark square. In the square we went to the Doge's palace. The Doges was title of the leader of Venice. This palace was filled with room after room of golden and painted walls and ceilings. The largest of all their rooms is one of the largest rooms in Europe.

Then we walked back to the dysfunctional hostel for the last time.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Venice day 3

Today it seemed like we did a lot even though when you write it down it does not seem like much. We went to a museum called Fortuny is was supposed to have lots of fabric but we only saw a very scary red room that looked like a painting but when you tried to touch it you found out it wasn't a painting but a hole in to a red room. It was scary.

Then we took the trachetto across the river. The trachetto looked like a retired gondola and when you got into it you had to face the riverbank. Then the two people rowing the boat would turn the boat around and row to the other side of the canal. It was weird standing up in a boat because it had been drilled into me to not stand up in a boat.

Then when we got to the other side of the river dad went to an art galley while me, coco and mum went to go ice skating. When we got to the ice skating rink it said it was closed until 3 so we walked around and found an exhibition on the Italian postal service and it was surprisingly interesting. There we some no-touch screen which worked like a touch screen but you could have your hand a few centimetres away it would still work.

Then coco went ice skating then we went home.

Venice day 2

When we woke up this morning there was snow on the roof tops. Then we ate breakfast and set out to a galley called Peggy Guggenheim. This is a contemporary art galley and is located on the grande canal. Today also me and my mum decided that the theme of the da for taking photos was fur coat and hat, is also included dogs, so we took lots of photos of these.

Venice day 1

We took the train from Roma to Venezia. Going on the train is lot better than going on plane. We had more leg room. We were also in first class so got a free drink when we first got on.

When we first got to Venice we took the ferry to the Rialto bridge and walked to our hostel from there. The hostel is empty and being renovated.

After getting settle we went Saint Marco square and just walked about trying to get our bearings. Which did not work because the following day we got lost near there.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rome day 3

On the last full day of Rome we went to a massive fountain and to other sites, such as the Parthenon.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rome day 2

Today we went to the Vatican City. It is a country that has 44 hectares of land and have a population of 836 much to my surprise I thought it would just be a few. We saw some great painting and so many extravagant ceilings my neck hurt afterward. I have visited the Vatican City before, 12 years ago when I was 3 year old. So we made sure to take photo where we had done 12 year before to show how I have grown. We also went to the Vatican museum where we saw some Pope mobiles and paintings.